Hazel Global Business Integrated provides service covering complete business chain. We are Acting as your representative & Working as your buying office in China.

Thanks to the experience of our logistics system, we will minimize the risks of sourcing in China by choosing reputable trade partners and using stringent systems to ensure product quality.

Without question, one big advantage of using a China sourcing agent is you will have Chinese business persons doing the negotiations on your behalf thus avoiding the cost and risks involved in trading in China without knowing the language and culture and learn the ropes as he goes.

Preliminary Research

Create Commodity/resource profile including volumes, pricing and forecasts. Perform Make/buy analysis, Value analysis and select sourcing strategy.

Supply Market Analysis

Identify criteria for supplier selection and generate long list of suppliers. Refine list further.

Sourcing Event

Identify internal stakeholders, approval from senior management, finalize specs and create sourcing even. Formalize negotiation strategy.


Complex/time consuming. Care must be taken – stakeholder agreement essential. Prepare new processes, procedures, change management plan and transition plan. Set up new processes to monitor results.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor supplier performance on criteria. Market should be analyzed frequently and identify and implement supplier continuous improvement plans.